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Mobile Barcode Scanning & RFID Reading Computers

Your business requires a lot of data to function properly. In the past the data was collected on paper & then typed into a computer for processing. This caused a lot of problems such as miss-keys, delays in getting valuable data into the computer quickly and lost paperwork.  All of this is terribly inefficient. Why not take the computer to the data collection point instead? Mobile computers get the job done quickly, easily & allow you to take the management to the floor via a wireless or batch computer technological highway. Warehouse


What type of barcode do you need to "read"? There are two basic types of scanners, lasers and imagers. They each have their own advantages, so before selecting one determine what your minimum & maximum distance from scanner to barcode will be. Will you bring the product to the scanner or will you take the scanner to the product. If you are taking it to the product, then a wireless barcode scanner may be in the offing for you. If you are reading a 2D barcode, then you will have to have an imaging scanner. Lasers scanners are best for long medium to long distance scanning. Imagers are good for close in to medium range scanning. We carry a full line of brands, types and styles to match your needs.
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PDFClick here to download Scan vs. Imager from Motorola White Paper (PDF -134KB)  


These scanners are designed to read in industrial environments.  Production lines are a good example of when an industrial scanner is required.  If you have special scanning requirements like Ethernet or PLC interfaces, "No Read" presence sensors and 360-degree reading are just two of several available options.

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